What types of returns can a VITA site prepare?

All VITA sites can prepare basic tax returns, with these forms:

  • Forms 1040 (including 1040-EZ and 1040-A) – Federal Tax Return
  • Schedule A – Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B – Interest and Dividends
  • Schedule C and C-EZ – Business Expenses, with less than $25,000 in expenses to report (no losses)
  • Simple Schedule D – Capital Gains and Losses where the cost basis is provided on form 1099-B
  • Simple Schedule E for Royalties or income reported on Schedule K-1
  • Schedule EIC – Earned Income Credit
  • Schedule SE – Self Employment Tax
  • Form 2441 – Child Care Expenses
  • Form 8863 – Education Credits
  • Form 104 – Colorado Tax Return

Some VITA sites can also prepare international or military returns. 

More complex returns CANNOT be prepared at a VITA site. 
This includes returns with the following forms:

  • Schedule C – Business Expenses with:
    • An overall loss to report
    • More than $25,000 in expenses to deduct
    • Deductions for depreciation
    • Deductions for business use of the home
  • Complex Schedule D – Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule E – Rental Income
  • Other forms for complex tax concerns

Contact your local site if you are not sure whether your return qualifies.