Can I get an instant refund?

VITA sites do not offer instant refunds. Instant refunds are a bad idea, that cost you a lot of money. Instant refunds are designed to take advantage of taxpayers who are strapped for cash. Also called Refund Anticipation Loans, these do not provide instant payment of your full tax refund. Instead, they are loaning you your own money, at a very high interest rate. Not only will you pay to have your return prepared, there are additional fees for e-filing, and fees and interest charged for the “privilege” of borrowing your own money. Often, you will be charged an additional fee when you cash the check that you receive. In most cases, you will spend hundreds of dollars to receive your refund only 7-10 days faster than if you went to a VITA site and had your return e-filed and deposited directly into your bank account.